Paulo Miguez Arquitectos is an architecture office focused in rehabilitation, tourism and habitation with a simple, contemporary and sustainable approach.





Factory´s industrial environment preservation, keeping the existing structural elements and mechanics.
It is intended to maintain the material characteristics of the original work of Alejandro de la Sota, with the creation of the concept hotel design, industrial inspiration, ensuring the unique nobility of the Spanish industrial architecture.
The hotel design environment will be explored through existing structures, machinery, overhead walkways, as well as the inclusion of new coating materials in the construction of auditoriums, recalling the previously existing structures.
Respect for part of the uniqueness of La Sota architecture with minimal visual impact intervention.
Recovery and use of equivalent materials on roofs, openings, coatings or flooring.
Rational approach, rugged design, respecting the existing building.



Ensuring the preservation of an architectural landmark is achieved through the enjoyment of the surroundings.
This way we propose the construction of new spaces for the hotel, below the ground elevation, freeing all the surroundings, without creating obstacles, for full enjoyment of the target object recovery and intervention.
In this approach we guarantee the existence of a green platform with an air humidification system, achieved by means of the water depth, proposals for the core covers rooms, which is going to benefit the consuption of energy.